Broad-based US-Pakistan Ties Critical To Advancing Their Mutual Interests: Amb Asad Khan

Broad-based US-Pakistan ties critical to advancing their mutual interests: Amb Asad Khan

WASHINGTON, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Sep, 2021 ) :A broad-based and long-term relationship between Pakistan and the United States remained critical to advancing both countries' bilateral and regional interests, including in a post-war Afghanistan, Pakistani Ambassador to the United States (US), Asad Majeed Khan, said Thursday.

Participating in a discussion hosted by the Stimson Center, a Washington-based think-tank, he said that a rich history of working together, natural affinity, and a dynamic Pakistani-American community would continue to reinforce and deepen Pakistan-US ties in the future.

The subject of discussion was: the future of the Pakistan-US relationship following the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a sharp editorial written by the Bloomberg Opinion editorial board and published by The Washington Post Friday called for a review of US-Pakistan ties in the aftermath of Taliban's return to power.

The US policy towards Pakistan, according to the editorial, should be "narrowly targeted, largely transactional and focused resolutely on US interests.

"Those interests include, primarily, limiting the twin threats of terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Some cooperation on the first should still be possible. Pakistan doesn't want to see a resurgence of al-Qaeda or the Islamic State offshoot in Afghanistan, while the US should be open to helping Islamabad counter the so-called Pakistani Taliban," a reference to TTP.

At the same time, the editorial also said, "It remains true that ignoring or isolating Pakistan would be unwise; continued cooperation on intelligence and overflight rights could greatly help in keeping tabs on terrorist groups in Afghanistan. But hopes of a broader partnership should finally be suspended." During his session at the Stimson Centre on Thursday, the Pakistani envoy also discussed the recent developments in Afghanistan, responding to questions.

Pakistan and the United States, he said, retained a fundamental convergence on achieving a politically inclusive end state in Afghanistan.

Only a stable and broad-based government in Afghanistan would be able to ensure that Afghan territory is never exploited by transnational terrorist groups again, Ambassador Khan said.

He pointed out that Pakistan had joined the United States in urging the Taliban to uphold their commitments on guaranteeing safe passage to those who wish to leave Afghanistan, counter terrorism, protecting human rights, and forming a more inclusive government.

Ambassador Khan said that Afghanistan faced an "inflection point" in the form of a rapidly worsening humanitarian situation.

He hoped that the world would not repeat the mistake of disengaging from Afghanistan. The international community must assist Afghanistan in averting more instability and a refugee crisis, which would impact not only its neighbors but countries farther afield.