Falklands Badminton Team Competes Despite Argentina Protest


Falklands badminton team competes despite Argentina protest

Salvador, Brazil, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Feb, 2020 ) :A team of female badminton players from the Falkland Islands was cleared to take part in a Pan-American competition after organizers rejected a bid by Argentina to have the team kicked out.

The Falklands were invited to take part in the Pan Am Team Continental Championships in Salvador, Brazil that begun on Thursday but a week ago, Argentina's consulate in Brazil wrote to the Brazilian Badminton Confederation to protest against the British overseas territory's participation.

Argentina, which does not have a team competing in the tournament, objected to the Falklands taking part under their own name and flying their own flag.

Argentina claims sovereignty over the archipelago and calls them Las Islas Malvinas.

Under a military dictatorship, the South American country invaded and briefly occupied the islands in 1982 before the Falklands were liberated by British troops.

Despite Argentine objections, the Falklands were cleared to take part and posted pictures and videos on their Facebook page of the women's team competing against the United States.

"We have repeated our resolve to not back down to these bullies," said the Falklands team on Facebook.

"We have the full backing and support of Badminton PanAm, as well as the BWF (Badminton World Federation)."The Falklands said they had lodged a complaint against Argentina to the Pan-American federation that would be taken to the International Olympic Committee.

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