Lahore Zoo To Receive 18 Big Cats From UAE


Lahore Zoo to receive 18 big cats from UAE

10 tigers and eight lions are being gifted to Lahore Zoo by UAE government in next week

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 17th April 2019) The Lahore Zoo will get eight lions and 10 tigers in next week.

Media reports stated that the lions and tigers would be a gift from the UAE government to Pakistan.

Prime Minister Advisor on Climate Change Malik Ameen Aslam told media that the big cats will be kept in Lahore Zoo.

“18 big cats are being shifted to Lahore Zoo from UAE.

They are a gift from UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to Pakistan,” he said during the media talk.

A statement issued by the minister said that the Lahore Zoo management requested to Nakhi Wildlife Centre, Dubai to donate few big cats to Pakistan from the total 400 it had in its possession. The Centre agreed to gift the big cats after fulfilling the legal requirement and the Lahore Zoo will receive gift next week.

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