Pakistan To Observe Black Day Tomorrow


Pakistan to observe black day tomorrow

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Aug, 2019 ) :Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Wednesday that Pakistan would mark Independence Day of India as Black Day.

The real spirit behind observing the Black Day is to provide awareness to the whole world about the oppression and brutality of Indian forces on innocent Kashmiri people.

He said a rally would be organized in this regard in Lahore tomorrow.

"I appeal to the people of Punjab to come out in large number and fully participate in the Black Day rally," he said.

The CM said, "We will give message to the whole world that the people of Pakistan are with the Kashmiri people yesterday, are inseparable today and will remain their part and parcel for all times to come.

" The cleverness and shrewdness of Modi government had been disclosed before the world nations, he said and added that India could not withhold and sustain its undue occupation over occupied Kashmir by inflicting oppression and tyranny on the innocent people of Kashmir.

India had murdered democratic values and moral norms in occupied Kashmir, he said. The ideology of Modi depicted Nazism which would ultimately bring downfall of India, he remarked.

The blood of innocent Kashmiri people being shed in their struggle would definitely attain the desired objective of achieving independence of occupied Kashmir, he added.

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