Time Ripe For Transition From Statements To Actions On Kashmir: Masood

Time ripe for transition from statements to actions on Kashmir: Masood

President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan hassaid that as the international community has become familiar with the story of Kashmir, it ishigh time for transition from supportive statements to actions to decisions

London (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / Online - 05th December, 2019) President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan hassaid that as the international community has become familiar with the story of Kashmir, it ishigh time for transition from supportive statements to actions to decisions.

He was interacting with a huge gathering of students at Queen Mary University at anevent organized by the Pakistan Society QMU."We will have to take our destiny in our own hands and decide our political future according toour free will," he unequivocally stated.While inviting attention toward grave human rights situation in Indian Occupied Jammu andKashmir, the AJK president said that the egregious human rights violations in the held territoryneed to be halted.

"The unresolved Kashmir issue has put the peace and security of South Asia atstake," he said and argued that the resolution of the Kashmir dispute is the responsibility of theentire global community.He said that Indian actions on August 5 and October 31 were all illegal and unlawful.

India, hesaid, once again invaded Jammu and Kashmir, reoccupied it, and had annexed it, and now it hasbifurcated the territory in a unilateral move. The entire population is being asphyxiated andbrutalized, and the Kashmiri people have been besieged and made prisoners in their own homes.Particularly, the women are objectified, he added.Masood asserted that the Kashmiri people have been denied their basic andinalienable right to self-determination.

He said that special rights of the Kashmiri people toemployment, education and possession of property have now been usurped and they have beentold that their land now belongs to the occupiers and the ground has been to settle non-KashmiriHindus from all over India to settle in IOJK.The AJK President said that in order to divert attention from these illegal actions, India wasbeating war drums further claiming to attack Azad Kashmir and erase Pakistan from the face ofthe earth with the use of nuclear weapons.

This is not all; he said adding that India hasdisenfranchised the Muslim population in India. This radical Hindutva policy of alienation anddeprivation is fuelled by hatred, xenophobia and extremist Hindu religious supremacy.

He said that despite the population imprisoned, the economy destroyed and thousands ofinnocent Kashmiris incarcerated; India continues to project an image of normalcy.

As Indiacontinues to pursue its scorched earth policy, India naively claims that these steps were taken tousher in a new era of development and to fight the terrorism existing in IOJK, all the whileplaying the victim card.

India, he said, thinks that it can get away with this kind of carnagebecause of its strategic and economic linkages with major world powers. This is nothing short ofexceptionalism.President AJK said that India was attempting to recast the story of Jammu andKashmir but thankfully this false narrative of theirs has been rejected by the international mediaand world parliaments - British Parliament, French Parliament, European Parliament and the USCongress - who have held hearings and testimonies issued reports on the factual position ofKashmir.

"The taboo of not speaking against India has been broken and all these testimonies andhearings have given a damning verdict that India is guilty," he maintained.He appealed to his audience to actively step up to the plate and save the people of Jammu andKashmir and not sit idly by as this carnage destroys not only the people of IOJK but the wholeworld."We the people of Kashmir and Pakistan want a peaceful and progressive South Asia andwe must have inclusive dialogues on Kashmir and in this academic environment conductsimulation exercises in this regard," he said, and advised the students to invest in politicalprocesses and avert the impeding war being imposed by India.The state president said that India continues to stoke the flames of war and there is no denyingthat this would in turn engulf India itself.

He said that we must stop this drift towards war andfind recourse through peaceful and diplomatic means. The global political leadership and opinionleaders must come forward to save the people of Jammu and Kashmir from genocide.

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