Moldova Gives Public Sector Workers Week Off Over COVID-19 - Prime Minister

Moldova Gives Public Sector Workers Week Off Over COVID-19 - Prime Minister

CHISINAU (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 27th March, 2020) Moldovan Prime Minister Prime Minister Ion Chicu on Thursday declared the week from March 30-April 3 non-working for public sector employees due to the coronavirus disease outbreak.

Earlier in the day, Moldovan President Igor Dodon proposed granting public sector workers paid leave for the entire next week in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"Next week in Moldova is declared non-working for public sector employees, with the exception of medical institutions, as well as law enforcement agencies. In fact, for nine consecutive days, starting on Saturday, everyone should stay home. These days will be worked after the state of emergency period ends," Chicu said at a press briefing following a meeting of the national emergency commission.

All workers and services engaged in fighting COVID-19 in Moldova will also be exempt from paid leave, Chicu said.

According to the Moldovan prime minister, if the spread of the disease continues unimpeded, there will be some 2,000 infected people in the country by April 10 - he said this figure would become a serious challenge for the national healthcare system.

The latest update on COVID-19 toll in Moldova from the health ministry stated 177 confirmed cases, including one fatality.

Since March 17, a 60-day state of emergency has been in place in Moldova. The country has suspended air traffic entirely and closed its land borders. All public gatherings were banned, including for cultural and religious purposes; schools were closed, along with public food services. Effective Wednesday, all citizens aged over 63 have been banned to leave home for non-essential reasons.