New PlayStation 4 Products Aim To Keep Sony In Lead

New PlayStation 4 products aim to keep Sony in lead

NEW YORK,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -8th Sept,2016) - Sony on Wednesday unveiled a pair of new offerings for its industry-leading PlayStation 4, including a deluxe version that is compatible with cutting-edge high dynamic range television.

The two new products supplement the October 13 launch of Sony's eagerly anticipated virtual reality headset and come ahead of the key holiday shopping season as the Japanese company hopes to maintain its edge over microsoft's Xbox.

The PS4 Slim is an energy-efficient version of the conventional PlayStation 4, which has sold more than 40 million consoles since being launched in late 2013. The lighter-weight version will hit the market September 15 and sell for $299, about $50 less than a conventional PlayStation 4.

Most of the launch event focused on the HDR offering, the PS4 Pro, which is aimed at gaming diehards and billed as a major change in terms of making games more immersive and lifelike.