RPT - Martyshev Spent 3 Weeks In Confinement In US After Illicit Item Found In Cell - Lawyer

RPT - Martyshev Spent 3 Weeks in Confinement in US After Illicit Item Found in Cell - Lawyer

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 21st September, 2021) Russian national Yuriy Martyshev, jailed in the United States on charges of computer hacking, had to spend about three weeks in solitary confinement after prison authorities found a prohibited item in his cell, Martyshev's lawyer Alexey Tarasov told Sputnik.

"There was an issue in the facility where Martyshev was recently placed into segregation over allegations of disciplinary infractions," Tarasov said on Monday.

The incident took place over a month ago, the authorities found a flash drive or a card for a mobile phone, the lawyer explained.

"Obviously no indication that this item has ever belonged to him or was ever utilized," he added.

The issue has been resolved and did not have significant impact on Martyshev's psychological state, Tarasov noted. "He is in a good mood and hopeful to be released next year," he explained.

In April 2019, a US Federal court sentenced Martyshev to 78 months in jail on charges of computer hacking.