S. Korea Suspends Sale Of 80 Volkswagen Models

S. Korea suspends sale of 80 Volkswagen models

SEOUL, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd Augst,2016) - South Korea on Tuesday banned the sale of 80 Volkswagen AG models and handed down a $16 million fine in its latest response to the German carmaker's emission-cheating scandal. The environment ministry said most of the models had been showcased for sale until recently, and added that the problem vehicles had fabricated documents for emissions and noise-level tests. The ministry said it was revoking the certification for 80 models, or a total of around 83,000 vehicles. "Fabricating documents is a clear violation that undermines the entire certification process," Hong Dong-Gon, a ministry official in charge of auto nvironmental standards told a press briefing.

The ministry also handed down a fine of 17.8 billion won (US$16 million). In a pre-emptive move last week, Volkswagen had already suspended the sales of cars whose certification had been challenged by the authorities. Issuing a recall order for just three models, Hong explained that the others had fabricated documents but "no defect parts" -- so were "not subject to a recall." He added however that the German carmaker would face a much stricter screening process once it applies for re-certification for its banned vehicles. "Rather than just going through the papers, we will conduct a thorough review which will include on-site inspections and visiting the German headquarters if necessary," Hong said.