BAPCO's Refinery Operations Remain Uninterrupted: Bahrain's National Oil Authority

BAPCO's refinery operations remain uninterrupted: Bahrain's National Oil Authority

MANAMA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 17th Sep, 2019) The National Oil & Gas Authority,NOGA, announced that BAPCO’s refinery operations remain uninterrupted, with no impact on the supply of oil products to the local market.

"All our facilities continue to operate safely and without incident. We keep our key stakeholders advised of what we will do in response to such incidents and update our plans as new and relevant information becomes available," NOGA said in a statement carried by Bahrain news Agency, BNA.

"We have close contact with our Aramco colleagues at the effected facilities and continue to assess the potential implications to our operations in Bahrain, and the crude supply to BAPCO’s refinery is uninterrupted to meet the operational requirements of the refinery in compliance with the measures adopted in the Business Continuity Plan.


BAPCO’s business continuity plans have been activated in response to the incidents reported from Saudi Arabia on September 14, NOGA added.

"We develop and practice these plans in response to these kinds of incidents," it concluded.

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