SDCA: Turkish Plane Arrives Destination After Minor Malfunction

SDCA: Turkish plane arrives destination after minor malfunction

SHARJAH, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 21st Feb, 2021) The Sharjah Department of Civil Aviation (SDCA) confirmed that a Turkish cargo plane registered in Turkey took off from Sharjah International Airport heading to Istanbul and landed at its destination headquarters safely without any damage, after it was hit by a slight malfunction while in the air and was repaired by the pilot.

According to the information issued by the Department, the pilot of the Turkish plane reported a slight malfunction in the engine of the plane two minutes after it took off, and three minutes later, it was reported that the malfunction has been repaired by the pilot.

The Sharjah Civil Aviation Department indicated that the plane completed its way to Turkey and landed in Istanbul safely, refuting the rumours swirling around smoke from one of the engines of its fleet at Sharjah Airport.

The Department called on all community members not to circulate rumors and to take information from its official sources.