Algerian Army Chief Of Staff Calls For "quick, Safe" Way To Deal With Political Crisis

Algerian army chief of staff calls for

ALGIERS, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2019 ) :Algerian Army Chief of Staff and Deputy Defense Minister Ahmed Gaid Salah on Tuesday called for seeking a "quick and safe way" to deal with the political crisis hitting the country amid mass protests.

Gaid Salah made the pledge when addressing troops and officials at the end of his visit to the Fourth Military Region in Ouargla province, 800 km southeast of Algiers, where he monitored military maneuvers near Libyan border.

Gaid Salah said that "all possible prospects remain open in order to overcome the dangers and find a solution to the crisis as soon as possible, as time is running out." He noted that "achieving these goals requires patience, understanding and rejection of all forms of violence as not to disrupt the functioning of State's institutions.

" Algeria has been experiencing for two months a political crisis caused by mass protests, which led to the resignation of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on April 2.

Last Tuesday, Algeria's parliament named Bensalah, chairman of its upper house, as interim president following Bouteflika's resignation.

On April 10, Bensalah announced that the presidential election was scheduled to be held on July 4. But the protesters continued their demonstration in the capital Algiers, demanding for the ousting of Bensalah's government.

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