Federal Ombudsman Takes Notice Of Child Abuse, Kidnapping


Federal Ombudsman takes notice of child abuse, kidnapping

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th August, 2016) : Panel of Commissioners of the Federal Ombudsman Lahore Office through Senator SM Zafar has issued a notice to Home Secretary Punjab and sought a report regarding child abuse and torture cases during the last year in the province. The secretary was further asked to submit a plan of the Punjab government to save the children from such crimes, if any, as well as results of the cases sent for trial in last year. The Punjab government will forward the report to Senator SM Zafar who would submit it before Chief Provincial Commissioner for Children, Federal Ombudsman Office, on August 19 or before, as per directions of the Ombudsman office.

The Panel of Commissioners will summon human rights organisations and child protection bureau, if necessary for assistance.

Government representatives will also be summoned to know their stance for the formulation of policy to curb the menace. It was further revealed by the ombudsman office that incidents of kidnapping, abuse and physical torture involving children of 4 to 13 years are surfaced and reported by the media.

Although the Apex Court has also taken a suo motu notice in this regard but child commissioners using the powers of the federal ombudsman also took notice of this serious issue to evolve a comprehensive policy.