Flood Situation In KPK’s Rivers


Flood situation in KPK’s rivers

Peshawar, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 20th July, 2016) : There is situation of low level flood in Peshawar’s Indus River at Attok, Kabul River at Warsak and Nowshera. According to the report of Flood Cell Irrigation Department, water level of Indus River is decreased to fifty thousand cusec at Kheirabad Bridge, Attok.

However, lower level flood in still observed at the bridge, where waterway is two hundred forty-two thousand four hundred cusec. Lower level flooding is at Warsak and Nowshera in Kabul river where water flow is thirty-two thousand eight hundred and fifty three thousand three hundred cusec respectively.

The flood of lower level in River Panjkora at Dir, where water flow of the river is province eleven thousand one hundred ninety three cusec, whereas, other rivers of the province is flowing as usual.

Flood situation in KPK’s rivers