Lahore Police Retrieved 4,783-kanal Land This Year So Far


Lahore police retrieved 4,783-kanal land this year so far

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Jul, 2021 ) :The Lahore Police have retrieved 4783-kanal land worth Rs 60 billion of 411 persons during the current year so far.

The police arrested 29,782 persons allegedly involved in crimes during the same period. The police also arrested 2,055 members of 857 active dacoit gangs and recovered cash and valuables worth Rs 375 million from them. Police recovered 40 cars, 1,591 motorcycles, 54 other vehicles, 25 laptops and 1,995 mobile-phones from the criminals.

During the grand action against illegal weapons in the city, Lahore police arrested 4,052 persons and 3,685 cases were registered against them. The police recovered 51 Kalashnikov, 382 rifles, 211 guns, 3,330 pistols, four carbines, 29 revolvers and 40,000 bullets from the alleged criminals.

During an action against drug-peddlers, police arrested 5,056 alleged criminals and registered 4,943 cases against them during the last six months and recovered 36kg heroin, 2,302kg charas, 11kg ice, 103kg opium and 56,286 litres of liquor.

The Lahore police arrested 2,271 criminals involved in gambling and registered 454 cases against them, and recovered more than Rs 4,873,000 stake money from them.

Also, 549 proclaimed offenders (POs) of A category, 4,729 of B category, 1,010 targeted offenders and 1,559 court absconders were arrested during the current year.

The Lahore police arrested 8,514 persons for violating the kite flying ban and recovered more than 58,929 kites as well as 10,085 string rolls from them.