Pb Govt Presents Largest Development Budget In History: Minister


Pb govt presents largest development budget in history: Minister

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Jun, 2021 ) :Punjab Minister for Literacy Raja Rashid Hafeez on Tuesday said that despite issues like corona, the Punjab government presented the largest development budget in the history of province which focused on alleviating poverty and unemployment.

In a statement, the provincial minister said that promotion of formal and non-formal, technical and vocational sciences and arts and establishment of higher education institutions at district level was an important step towards making the country a welfare state.

He said the government had laid the foundation of a bright and radiant future of Pakistan by presenting a knowledge and people friendly budget.

Rashid Hafeez said the opposition was facing deep frustration in criticizing the government as they had nothing to say.

He said that funds allocated in the budget would not only eradicate ignorance and illiteracy at the grassroots level but also build modern schools in remote backward areas for the promotion of higher and professional sciences and arts.

He said that establishment of university in every district was a revolutionary step where full facilities of research and exploration would be provided to the young generation.

The provincial minister said the budget had focused on the welfare of workers, farmers, government employees and people from all walks of life.

He said the Punjab government had set up "Sahulat Bazaar" across the province and for this purpose, the government had allocated Rs 1.5 billion during the new financial year. "Similarly,apart from education, the government has set aside record funds for the provision of healthand clean drinking water to people", he added.