PML-N Always Befooled People Through Misleading Policy: SACM

PML-N always befooled people through misleading policy: SACM

LAHORE, Oct. 27 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Oct, 2021 ) :The PML-N always befooled the people with its misleading three-pronged policy which included photo shoots for self publicity, and it has no answer whenever it comes to comparing its performance with the present government.

Special Assistant to Chief Minister (SACM) and Spokesperson Punjab Government Hasaan Khawar stated this in a press conference here at National Hockey Stadium on Wednesday.

Provincial Minister for sports and Youth Affairs Rai Taimur Bhatti also accompanied him.

Hassan said that past PML-N governments used to make heavy investments in those projects meant to attract more attention of media just for the sack of their personal popularity. How wise it was to turn a province of 110 million people into barren land by spending Rs 300 billion on just 27 KM long road.

The SACM added that the second pillar of PML-N governance was to pay all attention to 'Takht-e-Lahore' by ignoring other districts and smaller deserving areas.

On the contrary, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has introduced a magnificent District Development Package.

The third pillar of the N-League performance was to prioritize size over scope of the projects which did not yield far-reaching results.

About Punjab Sports Department's performance, the SACM said that the boxing arena project, which was started in the 70s, was filled with stagnant water and the squash complex project, which was started in 1993, is still incomplete but the PTI re-launched both the projects.

Hasaan Khawar said that there are innumerable stories of the poor performance of the PML-N government. Despite unfavourable economic conditions due the corona pandemic, the PTI government is performing well.