Mufti Qavi To Offer Namaz-e-Tauba Over Viral Dance Video


Mufti Qavi to offer Namaz-e-Tauba over viral dance video

Mufti Qavi's video showering currency notes on a female singer had gone viral on social media.

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 3rd February, 2019) Mufti Qavi has announced to offer Namaz-e-Tauba (prayer for forgiveness) for showering money on a female singer at a recent event.

Mufti Qavi said that he will offer Namaz-e-Tauba in the presence of media to pray for the forgiveness of himself and the nation.

Mufti Qavi remains surrounded in controversies.

In a fresh, his video showering Currency notes on a female singer in a Mehndi had gone viral on social media. He was also seen dancing at a song in the video.

However, Mufti Qavi has now decided not to attend such events anymore.

“I am also a human being.

I had currency notes present in front of me so I showered them at the singer,” he said.

He said that he will offer a Namaz-e-Tauba in the regard and will invite electronic media on the occasion. He also said that he will also pray for the people who make allegations against him.

Recently, his TikTok video with a transgender had gone viral on social media.

Mufti Qavi was also nominated in Qandeel Baloch murder case after her brother killed her in the name of honour. Mufti Qavi was arrested after Qandeel Baloch's father stated that he might have some role in the killing of his daughter.