Biden Has 'Frog In Throat' Cold, Tested Negative For COVID-19 - White House Doctor

Biden Has 'Frog in Throat' Cold, Tested Negative For COVID-19 - White House Doctor

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 04th December, 2021) President Joe Biden is suffering from nasal congestion creating a "frog in the throat " effect but has tested negative for 19 respiratory pathogens including COVID-19, official White House physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor said on Friday.

"As is readily apparent, President Biden is experiencing some increased nasal congestion this week," O'Connor said in a statement. "This can be heard in his voice and he is feeling the colloquially well-known 'frog in one's throat.'"

O'Connor said Biden tested negative for the novel coronavirus and other coronaviruses, influenza and streptococcus three times this week.

The president's treatment will include common over the counter medications for symptoms, he said.

Earlier on Friday Biden said the reason for his hoarse voice was because he had gotten a cold and assured Americans that he was well and getting tested for the coronavirus every day.

Biden explained that his one-and-a-half year old grandson liked to kiss everybody and was doing that despite his grandfather having a cold.