Kiev's Attempts To Impose Maritime Blockade On Crimea Ill-Fated - Authorities

Kiev's Attempts to Impose Maritime Blockade on Crimea Ill-Fated - Authorities

SIMFEROPOL (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) Attempts of Ukrainian authorities to impose the maritime blockade on Crimea are doomed to fail, first deputy speaker of the Crimean parliament Efim Fiks told Sputnik Wednesday.

Ukraine's State Hydrographic Agency has said earlier that it seeks to create a special zone around Crimea to block the entrance of all foreign ships and some Russian vessels into Crimean ports.

"All their attempts to impose the maritime blockade on Crimea are doomed to failure. Ukraine has neither the power nor means to do it. These are all empty, crazy talks," Fiks said.

Crimea's reunification with Russia was officially declared in March 2014 after almost 97 percent of those who voted in a regional referendum chose to reunite with Russia. Ukraine, the United States, the European Union and their allies do not recognize the referendum, while Russia maintains that the procedure was legal and democratic.

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