Major Finnish-Swedish Drills To Be Conducted In October - Military

Major Finnish-Swedish Drills to Be Conducted in October - Military

HELSINKI (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 21st September, 2021) The Finnish military will mobilize 50 aircraft and 3,300 soldiers for an exercise that will be held with Sweden in different parts of Finland from October 4 to 9, the Finnish Air Force said on Tuesday.

"The Finnish Air Force will conduct the Ruska 21 air operations exercise on 49 October 2021. Fifty aircraft and around 3,300 personnel will take part in the service's main exercise at different locations across Finland. The Swedish Air Force will also participate in Ruska 21," said the Finnish Air Force in a press release.

The exercise is intended to maintain and increase the readiness of Finland's air defense.

"The Finnish Air Force monitors and secures Finland's airspace 24/7 throughout the year. Ruska 21 enables active duty personnel, reservists and conscripts to train their emergency conditions tasks in practice. Exercises such as Ruska that include all the elements of an air operation maintain and enhance the Air Force's readiness to execute demanding flight operations by taking advantage of the large base network," Exercise Director, Colonel Timo Herranen said.

The drills, the largest exercise of the Finnish air forces in 2021, are part of the Finnish-Swedish defense cooperation. The Swedish detachments will fly from the air bases of Pirkkala and Lulea, Sweden.

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