Slightly Over 5% Of EU's Population Citizens Of Non-Member Countries - Eurostat

Slightly Over 5% of EU's Population Citizens of Non-Member Countries - Eurostat

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 25th March, 2021) About 23 million people living in the EU member countries roughly 5 percent of the bloc's population are citizens of non-member nations, Eurostat, the EU statistical agency, said on Thursday.

"On 1 January 2020, 23 million citizens of a non-member country lived in one of the EU Member States, representing 5.1% of the EU population," the EU body said in a press release.

The highest shares of non-member countries' citizens is in Liechtenstein (16 percent), Estonia (14 percent), Latvia (13 percent) and Malta (10 percent), while the lowest in Slovakia and Romania (0 percent in both).

"In addition, there were 13.5 million people living in one of the EU Member States with the citizenship of another EU Member State, representing 3.0% of the EU population. Highest shares of non-nationals in Luxembourg [39 percent], lowest in Poland and Romania [0 percent in both]," the press release added.

When both non-bloc citizens and citizens of other member states are accounted for, Luxembourg has the highest share of non-national citizens 47 percent of its total population. The proportion of foreign citizens is also high in Malta, Cyprus, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Spain (10 percent or more).

"In contrast, non-nationals represented less than 1% of the population in Poland and Romania," Eurostat added.

The agency also revealed that the majority of non-nationals were citizens of non-EU countries in most EU member states, except for Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria and Slovakia, where the non-nationals were mainly citizens of another EU country.