US Astrophysicist Says Doorway On Mars Pictured By NASA 'Natural Geology'

US Astrophysicist Says Doorway on Mars Pictured By NASA 'Natural Geology'

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th May, 2022) NASA's Curiosity rover examined a rectangular hole on the surface of Mars and the pictures it took excited fans of the theories of extraterrestrial civilizations, however, there is nothing supernatural in them, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics expert Jonathan McDowell told Sputnik.

"Natural geology: rock fractures often happen in straight lines," McDowell said on Friday.

"I understand it's about 30 cm, and it's the intersection between two linear rock fractures."

NASA published on its website photos made by Curiosity at the site of the rectangular hole.

The attention of space lovers was attracted by the image, which was obtained using the Mastcam camera installed on the rover in the Greenheugh Pediment area on May 7th.

The image shows a rectangular recess that resembles the entrance to the catacombs, which some internet users have already dubbed an "alien door."

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