CDA, UNICEF Organise Virtual Training Sessions On Children’s Rights

CDA, UNICEF organise virtual training sessions on children’s rights

DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 24th Jan, 2021) The Community Development Authority (CDA) organised a series of virtual training sessions, in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), to educate trainers and enable them to raise the awareness of children about their rights.

The sessions are part of the CDA’s keenness to raise relevant capacities and skills and offer children decent lives and safe futures, using innovative and diverse means of education, training and development.

Many trainers, comprising teachers and administrative staff from public and private schools and those interested in education and children’s rights, will participate in the sessions, which will run until 28th January and be presented in Arabic and English.

The sessions include awareness training on relevant rights and duties, the values of citizenship, and how to build a cohesive community that knows the importance of innovation and aims to strengthen it, as well as raise awareness of children’s rights.

Maitha Al Shamsi, CEO of the Human Rights Sector at the CDA, said, "This series of virtual training sessions are taking place in cooperation with UNICEF, to raise awareness of children’s rights, in line with the strategic objectives of the CDA to create a community that knows and protects children’s rights. At the CDA, we aim to access the widest possible segments of the community who deal with children, to raise their awareness of children’s rights and their related responsibilities, as well as to prepare a balanced and happy future generation capable of continuing the journey of progress and development."