ENEC Celebrates 50 Million Safe Work Hours At Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant


ENEC celebrates 50 million safe work hours at Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

ABU DHABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 23rd Jan, 2019) The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, ENEC, has held a special ceremony at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant to celebrate the achievement of 50 million safe work hours. The accomplishment reflects ENEC’s commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality and is the result of its continuous workplace safety improvement programmes.

Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of ENEC, Nasser Al Nasseri, Chief Executive Officer of Barakah One Company, HoPyeong Lee, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer of the Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO, and a number of senior management officials from ENEC and its subsidiaries attended a special ceremony held at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant to celebrate the safety achievement.

Working together, ENEC and KEPCO’s achievement of 50 million safe work hours without a Lost Time Injury, LTI, represents a significant industrial safety accomplishment and is the result of its dedication to improving everyday work practices. Both companies have focused on empowering its construction workers, supervisors, managers, and executives to ensure their own safety and the safety of other employees through a range of safety-related practices and tools.

In addition, the implementation of a worker observation programme provided valuable information on potential workplace hazards and helped identify specific safety areas that could be further enhanced.

"This achievement is the result of our mission to continuously improve our safety practices and procedures and is a reflection of our commitment to upholding the highest international standards of safety, quality and security," said Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of ENEC. "Developing a strong Culture of Safety is a continuous journey of learning and improvement and our numerous safety programmes are designed to identify potential incidents before they happen and ensure the highest levels of safety performance."

"This safety milestone also reflects our extensive collaboration with our Prime Contractor and Joint Venture partner, KEPCO, our sub-contractor Hyundai-Samsung Joint Venture and a further 40 subcontractors that are working together to safely construct the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant," added Al Hammadi.

The Barakah project is progressing steadily, with Unit 2 more than 94% complete, Unit 3 more than 86% complete, and Unit 4 more than 78% complete. As of the end of November 2018, the overall construction completion rate for the Barakah plant is more than 91%. The four Units, once operational, will provide around 25% of the UAE’s electricity needs while preventing the release of 21 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to removing 3.2 million cars from the nation’s roads.

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