Middlesex University Dubai’s ISD Joins Forces With Airbus, DP World To Further Promote Gender Equality


Middlesex University Dubai’s ISD joins forces with Airbus, DP World to further promote gender equality

DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 17th Mar, 2019) To continue its commitment to fostering the advancement of sustainable development, Middlesex University Dubai’s Institute of Sustainable Development, ISD, partnered with Airbus and DP World to host a training session to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Held recently and led by Dr. Belisa Marochi, Head of the ISD department, the session welcomed 50 attendees bringing together over 25 companies based on the UN Women Empowerment Principles, WEPs, at the Airbus’ offices in Dubai Airport Free Zone, DAFZA.

Expanding on the principles of gender equality, the session encouraged companies to share ideas about how to design and implement initiatives to attract and retain women specifically in male-dominated industries.

"In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, legal and economic equality between the genders is a more pressing concern than ever. Our objective is to strengthen stakeholder collaboration by building an ecosystem of like-minded peers and strengthening public–private partnerships to promote a more sustainable future for the next generation to come," pointed out Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Director of Middlesex University Dubai.

"Joining hands with industry giants, like Airbus and DP World will further elevate our obligation of creating a more empowered society through educational seminars and workshops.

When we established our department, the idea was to bring industry leaders together and promote dialogues around the UN’s SDG directives and find ways to integrate them in our curriculum," continued Dr. Belisa Marochi, Head of ISD at Middlesex University Dubai.

"At Airbus, we strongly believe in the positive impact of inclusion and diversity on innovation, performance and communities. We are a proud signatory of the WEPs, and it was a great pleasure co-hosting with DP World their breakfast series to raise awareness about the WEPs and meet with peers who are engaged to do the same," said Hania Tabet, International Director for Responsibility and Sustainability at Airbus.

"Diversity and inclusion in business enriches working environments and benefits people from all backgrounds, helping to build more tolerant societies. We value the SDG framework and women’s empowerment is one part of our approach to realising sustainability goals," said Kate Willoughby, Head of Group Sustainability and Impact, DP World.

Middlesex University Dubai will continue to spur discussions around promoting a sustainable future through industry roundtables, best practice consultancy, customised certificate programmes across different industries and through initiatives such as the #HeforShe.

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