ANF Seizes 21 Kg Heroin, 457 Kg Hashish, 150 Kg Opium

ANF seizes 21 kg heroin, 457 kg hashish, 150 kg opium

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Oct, 2021 ) :Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 21.719 kg heroin, 457.79 kg hashish, 150 kg opium, 4.170 kg morphine, 1.442 kg cocaine, 6.600 kg amphetamine, 257.957 kg methamphetamine (Ice), 295 ecstasy tablets (0.200 kg), 23 MDMA tablets (0.00878 kg) and six LSD stickers (0.001 kg).

According to an ANF spokesman, narcotics worth US$95.314 million in international market were recovered while 41 culprits including three women, two Nigerian nationals were arrested.

ANF also impounded 12 vehicles while conducting 38 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country.

The spokesman informed that ANF Balochistan recovered 421.302 kg drugs in six operations while arrested six accused besides seizing two vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 11 kg hashish, 150 kg opium, 255.932 kg methamphetamine (Ice), 4.170 kg morphine and 295 ecstasy tab (0.200 kg).

ANF Punjab recovered 298.979 kg drugs in 11 operations while arrested nine accused including two Nigerian nationals and seized two vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 9.512 kg heroin, 286 kg hashish, 1.442 kg cocaine and 2.025 kg methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF KPK recovered 9.100 kg drugs in three operations and arrested four accused besides seizing a vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 2.500 kg hashish and 6.600 kg amphetamine.

ANF Sindh recovered 140.79 kg drugs in 11 operations, arrested 13 accused and seized four vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 8.900 kg heroin, 131.89 kg hashish and a pistol 30 bore along with five rounds and a magazine.

ANF North recovered 29.716 kg drugs in seven operations, arrested nine accused including three women while seized three vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 3.307 kg heroin, 26.4 kg hashish and 23 MDMA Tabs (0.00878 kg) and six LSD stickers (0.001 kg).

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 while further investigations are under process.