Anti-India, Pro-freedom Rallies By Kashmiri Expatriates Held In Tokyo To Mark 'Black Day'


Anti-India, pro-freedom rallies by Kashmiri expatriates held in Tokyo to mark 'Black Day'

MIRPUR (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th Oct, 2021 ) : Oct 27 (APP) ::A large number of Kashmiris thronged to the city streets staging a protest rally in front of the Indian embassy in Tokyo, Japan under the auspices of the Kashmir Solidarity Forum headed by Kashmiri expatriates leader Shahid Majeed Sheikh Advocate.

The site of the mammoth anti-India demonstration, held to mark the Black Day, was banged with full-throat slogans of 'Bhooka Nangaa Hindustan - Kashmir Baney Gaa Pakistan', 'Bharti Ghasbo - Chore Do Kashmir Ko', 'Indian Dogs - Go Back', 'Go India Go', 'Pakistan Zindabad' and ' Pakistan Say Rishta Kiyaa - La e Laa Haa Illalah', said a message received here.

The black day procession was participated by Kashmiri social, political youth and elite from all other segments of the Kashmiri diaspora.

Addressing the protest rally in front of the Indian embassy in Tokyo, the Kashmir Solidarity Forum Japan Chief Organiser Shahid Majeed Sheikh Advocate reiterated that the people of Jammu and Kashmir neither ever accepted the illegal occupation of their motherland by India nor will accept the same at any cost in the future.

Shahid vehemently condemned the continued forcible occupation of bulk of Jammu and Kashmir by India through her over a million of occupying Indian military and and para-military troops in the internationally-acknowledged disputed Jammu and Kashmir state.

"India lives in the paradise of fools if she consider perpetuation of her unlawful hold over the Jammu and Kashmir state in her forced and illegal occupation through deployment of even millions of her occupying troops in the disputed held state", speakers said.

They strongly condemned the imprisonment of the Kashmiri leadership including the leaders of Hurriyat Conference besides the common man including youth under the false and fabricated cases under black laws across the bleeding Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir state which, they added, was lying dislinked from rest of the world for past over two years since the Indian sinister act of August 05, 2019 scrapping special status of the disputed Himalayan occupied state.

The protest rally called upon the United Nations to immediately move for ensuring early grant of the legitimate right to self-determination to the people of Jammu Kashmir under the spirit of its resolutions through holding free and fair plebiscite in entire Jammu Kashmir state including the curfew-riddled locked-down valley of Kashmir.

The rally also condemned the increased human rights abuses unleashed against the innocent Kashmiris by Indian occupying forces through black laws, state terrorism, deprivation of the innocent Kashmiris of eye-sights through pallet gun shots, imprisoning of the minors, teenager Kashmiris of the age from 9 to 15 years and their victimization of the brutalities of third-degree methods in the torture cells at undisclosed locations in the turbulent occupied valley where the population has launched peaceful struggle for the liberation of the homeland from long Indian subjugation for past over seven decades, the message concluded.