Ch Shujat Is Meeting With Muslim Leaguers In London


Ch Shujat is meeting with Muslim Leaguers in London

The purpose of his meeting is to unite leaguers and likeminded working abroad.

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 23rd April 2019) PML-Q stated on Monday that party president Chaudhry Shujat Hussain is holding meetings with Muslim Leaguers in London.

His objective of the meeting with different overseas leaders, according to PML-Q, was that he wanted to evolve a new mechanism for the Muslim League Overseas.

The idea for achieving this objective was proposed by him when he was prime minister of Pakistan. “Re-organization will be done afresh. Instead of the Presidents, the office will be named as Coordinator who will coordinate not only with his own party but also other parties as well.

He said that ministers of Pakistan who go overseas they should call themselves as Pakistanis instead of being representative of any party and talk about Pakistan only. He said that our Coordinators will also maintain contacts with the ministers visiting foreign countries.

He said on returning home after consultation with the party leaders this proposal will be implemented whereas office-bearers of Italy, France, Austria, Germany and other countries will also be consulted.

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