Departments Concerned Directed To Strictly Implement Instructions Of Govt On Smog Control

Departments concerned directed to strictly implement instructions of Govt on smog control

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Oct, 2021 ) :All the departments concerned have been directed to strictly implement the instructions of the Punjab government on smog control and issued a warning that no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.

According to a district administration spokesman, Rawalpindi district administration would take action against those causing air and environmental pollution through burning of crop stubble, garbage, industrial and vehicular emissions, municipal solid waste, tyres, plastic, rubber and leather items etc.

The government, in a bid to combat smog, had decided to take action against the rules violators, causing air and environmental pollution.

The government had issued a direction to the authorities concerned to enforce Section 144 as part of efforts to control smog, he added.

He said, under section 144 burning of crop residue and garbage had been banned across the province for one month.

He said preventive measures were being taken and awareness was also being enhanced to mitigate the factors behind smog.

Only new Zig Zag technology brick kilns would be allowed to operate and strict action would be taken against the violators, he said.

He informed that the Environmental Protection Department was also taking steps to create awareness regarding smog so that citizens could be saved from its bad effects on health.