Hairpur Police Seizes 4 Kg Hashish, 30 Liters Liquor In A Crackdown

Hairpur police seizes 4 kg Hashish, 30 liters liquor in a crackdown

HARIPUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Feb, 2021 ) :Haripur police in a crackdown against drug smugglers on Sunday sized 4 kilogram Hashish and 30 liters liquor and arrested two smugglers.

According to the Haripur police sources, Station House Officer (SHO) Cant.

police station Imtiaz Khan along with force arrested a smuggler including Azam Khan son of Muhammad Zaman seized 4.9 kg Hashish.

In another operation, Khalabat Police seized 30 liters of liquor from Tariq Mahmood son of Muhammad Yousuf and arrested him.

Both police stations have registered cases against the accused under the anti-narcotics act and started investigation.