India Has Turned IHK Into Most Dangerous Zone On Earth: Maria Sultan

India has turned IHK into most dangerous zone on earth: Maria Sultan

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Aug, 2019 ) :A well known Defence analyst Dr Maria Sultan on Sunday said the Indian held Kashmir (IHK) had become the most dangerous zone on the earth and a nuclear flashpoint.

Talking to APP, the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) chairperson said that Indian leadership was not sensing the gravity of threat associated with nuclear brinkmanship.

She said that the Indian defence minister Rajnath's statement of 'rethinking no first use' was nuclear blackmail which reflected the 'Hindutva ideology' of radical Indian Premier Narendra Modi. She said the irresponsible statement had put the region in dangerous situation. She said that Narendra Modi, with his Saffron ideology, may endanger peace of the whole world.

To a question, Dr Maria said that it was unfortunate that Narendra Modi had a direct control over his country's nukes, adding that the Indian national security advisor (NSA) was also another extremist with an intelligence background.

In the prevailing situation, if Kashmir erupts into protests after lifting of the curfew, the radical Indian PM and the NSA chief could exercise the nuclear option, as India had failed badly to activate its military might against Pakistan, she added.

Dr Maria lamented that India's National Command structure did not have checks and balances of International Security Standards, adding the Indian military chiefs were not a part of command and control structure which clearly indicates that Indian leadership does not have required clusters to deal with nuclear security.

She said that international pressure and Kashmiri reaction could increase panic among Indian Army, which may trigger any irresponsible action by Indian radical chiefs.

To a query about the possible outbreak of war between the two neighboring countries, Maria Sultan said that world witnessed in February this year that Indian army, air force and navy were unable to move even a single inch soon after Pakistan shot down two Indian aircraft. After downing of two aircraft, India went to activate its missiles but this option was also countered by Pakistan. "So, we are in a different South Asia today," she said.

To another question regarding US president's mediation offer on Kashmir, she said that every inhabitant, country or organization that worries about the threat of nuclear war has the right to intervene and do everything in its power to prevent it.

She said that racist actions and 'Hindutua' ideology of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was rapidly pushing the entire region towards a grave looming threat, which is subjected to peace and security of the entire region.

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