Mobile Applications Help Deptt In Public Service Delivery

Mobile applications help deptt in public service delivery

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Sep, 2018 ) :Different government departments have launched their mobile applications to facilitate the masses and to create efficiency in their functioning.

Talking to APP, an Information Technology Ministry official said the development of mobile applications in different sectors like education, communication, health and transportation had boosted the number of smart phone users.

He said the telecom sector was one of the fastest growing segments of the country's economy. According to Pakistan Telecom Authority, the number of cellular subscribers reached 151 million by the end of July 2018 and that of mobile broadband subscribers 57.32 billion with teledensity of 27.73.

The official said mobile application GoSmart had been successfully working for the last one year. Its users had crossed 20,000.

An official of National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) said the GoSmart application had provided mobility to the NTC subscribers who were to be able to use their fixed line services anywhere using internet.

"GoSmart is a value-added service that enables subscribers to receive and make phone calls using land line numbers via cell/mobile phone," he added.

He said the prominent feature of the application was that it could make and receive land line calls from the mobile phones anytime anywhere using WiFi/3G/4G media.

The mobile phone application "Roshan Pakistan" power consumers could gain information regarding billing and power supply situation in the area.

Another application 'Taleemdo' launched by Alif Ailaan has been working for the last five years to make sure that Pakistan's leaders understand the urgency of the education crisis.

Explaining the features of the application, Alif Ailaan's Head of Digital Media Imran Ghazali said, "Through this application, the people can report issues, read education-related stories, and express their pledges to support education.

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