Pakistan Becomes Fastest Growing Market In Asia

Pakistan becomes fastest growing market in Asia

BOUREWALA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th Jun, 2021 ) :Former MNA Chaudhry Nazeer Jatt has said the country become the fastest growing market in Asia by dint of prudent economic policies of PM Imran Khan.

Talking to journalists here, he hailed that it had prepared coronavirus vaccine after ventilator to protect lives of its people.

He said, after selling 36 JF-71 Thunder planes, Pakistan had proved that it was not only an atomic power, but also have good capacity to prepare instruments and technologies in different fields of life.

Nazeer Jat also gave credit to IK's acumen ship as it had succeeded to restore PIA assets being freezed for the long time on account of rubbish policies of past government.

He said farmers got prosperous, adding that Pakistan had returned back about $ 22 billions rupees debt to doner countries. He said country's reserves had reached to $ 26 billions, far higher than the past.

He said opposition movement was launched to protect only their 'godfather', adding that this time the government wouldn't give NRO to culprits at all.