Pakistan To Facilitate, Foster Closer US-Russia Interaction During AMAN Drills - Navy

Pakistan to Facilitate, Foster Closer US-Russia Interaction During AMAN Drills - Navy

KARACHI (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th February, 2021) Pakistan is ready to facilitate closer interaction between the US and Russia's delegations during harbor and sea activities of the Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN 2021, which kicked off on Thursday near Pakistan's port city of Karachi, the director general of public relations at the Pakistan Naval Headquarters, Rashid Nazir Choudhary, told Sputnik.

"This time the Americans not only are coming inside the port, they are also going to participate in tabletop discussions, they will be there at the opening ceremony... Senior officers from both countries will come. Russia has a delegation of 20 military personnel. Of course, there will be interactions during the International Maritime Conference between the Russians and the Americans. Pakistan will be facilitating those interactions on the common grounds where the navies of the world and these two countries can work together: it is the common threats like piracy, human smuggling and so on," Choudhary said.

He underlined that interactions between the two navies took place during the previous drills as well but were limited to the countries' participation in the International Fleet Review.

"With regard to the participation of NATO countries and Russia, it is true that it has been done before but before the Americans and the Russians have intersected only during the International Fleet Review, which is the sea phase, and a very short interaction involving some communication drills, some formation changes and things like that," he explained.

Russia will be represented by the forces of the Black Sea Fleet at the drills, including a patrol ship, a frigate, a Marine Corps unit, a rescue tag, a demining squat and a sea-based helicopter. Moreover, a delegation consisting of 20 high-ranking officials from Russia will interact with foreign colleagues at AMAN to strengthen efforts on combating piracy and protecting international sea trade routes.

In total, 46 countries are going to take part in AMAN 2021 which will be held from February 11-16. The naval drills organized by Islamabad are held every two years since 2007.