Pakistani Media Can Play Vital Role To Highlight Kashmir Issue

Pakistani media can play vital role to highlight kashmir issue

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july,2016) : Lobbyist-Youth Forum For Kashmir Shaista Safi on Wednesday stressed upon the need to develop a unified narrative on Kashmir issue saying Pakistani media can play vital role to highlight the Kashmir cause. While, talking to ptv news `On Kashmir Solidarity Day', she said that media should positively strengthen the relationship between Kashmiris and Pakistanis adding that Kashmir has to be the primary focus of Pakistani media. She further said that this issue could not be settled bilaterally, therefore, human rights and regional organizations must also intervene for resolution of this issue. Shaista Safi said that right to self-determination was Kashmiris absolute right and demanded the international community to play its much needed role to settle the long running dispute to ensure durable peace in the region.

She also informed that on the women in occupied Kashmir have to face inhumanity and go through traumatic experiences almost daily. The innocent women of the Indian Occupied Kashmir have faced worst draconian laws, illegal detention, gang rapes, intimidations and unprecedented humiliations, she informed. Kashmiri women have to witness their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons being slaughtered by Indian forces, she added.

She said the Pakistani nation would pay great tribute to the sacrifices of Kashmiris given for the right to self-determination. It is a day to convey message to our Kashmiri brothers that Pakistanis sitting in different corners of the world have attachment with the Kashmir causes, she urged.