Peace Conference Calls For Brotherhood In Footprint Of Imam Hassan (a.s.)


Peace conference calls for brotherhood in footprint of Imam Hassan (a.s.)

MUZAFFARGARH, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Sep, 2022 ) :A conference titled "Peace and Brotherhood under vision of elder grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)" was arranged by Imam Hassan Council (a.s.) here on Thursday.

Speakers including Nasir Abbas, Zafar Kausar, Ghulam Ali, Ghulam Asghar and Muhammad Riaz highlighted role and struggle of Imam Hassan (a.s.

) for maintaining solidarity by sacrificing his right to rule over the Ummah.

Today, the Muslim world needed the same spirit by adopting Imam Hassan (a.s.) as the role model to destroy enemy's mission for spreading rift in our ranks, they said.

Later, Mufti Muhammad Riaz Chisti recited inspirational poetry in honour of Imam Hassan (a.s) which was praised widely in the congregation.