PM Asks Turkey To Invest In Tourism


PM asks Turkey to invest in Tourism

PM Imran Khan says that lot of damage takes place if media attack any country and gave reference of two papers’ news about CPEC, saying that he faced trouble in China when some newspapers published that he wanted review over CPEC.

ISLAMABAD: (Urdu Point/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Feb 14th, 2020) Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked Turkey to invest in tourism, saying that there are many mines in different parts of the country for the investment.

He vowed that they would try their best to boost trade relations between Pakistan and Turkey. He welcomed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was present there at Pak-Turk business Forum.

“President Erdogan is very popular in Pakistan. He will win the election if he contest,” said the PM while giving reference of public love for Turkish President.

The PM also came hard upon media during his speech at the Business Forum, saying that there would be lot of damage if media attacked a country. “I visited China and I was informed that some newspapers ran wrong news about CPEC,” said the PM, adding that “I faced trouble but I explained them everything,”.

He said they have strong historic relation with Turkey and wanted to extend their cooperation in different sectors.

Turkish officials and businessmen as well as local politicians and businessmen all were present there in the meeting.

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