Police Seize Smuggled Dry Fruits


Police seize smuggled dry fruits

D.I.KHAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2021 ) ::The Cantonment police here Monday seized non-custom-paid dry fruit from two truckloads during snap checking on Tariq Shaheed check post.

The police team under the supervision of DSP Hafiz Mohammad Adnan, intercepted two truckloads and seized non-custom-paid dry fruits worth Rs 34,900,000, police spokesman told APP.

The seized dry fruit included 32 sacks of peanuts, 104 Chilghoza, 11 Isphaghol husk, 339 cartons NCP Almonds. The items seized from another truck included 123 sacks of Isphaghol Husk, 294 cartons of foreign imported NCP Almonds and 24 sacks of clove.

Both the trucks were coming from Wana South Waziristan via Tank to D.I.Khan that were later handed over to Customs authorities.