PR Rehabilitates 66 Bridges To Ensure Safety Standards


PR rehabilitates 66 bridges to ensure safety standards

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Augst,2016) : Pakistan Railways (PR) has rehabilitated 66 bridges out of 159 and remaining would be rehabilitated upto June 2017. The Railway administration desires to provide quick and safe journey to the travelling public within shortest possible time, official sources in the Ministry of Railways told APP. "There are 13841 bridges including 532 major and 13309 minor bridges over the system.

Most of the bridges were constructed well before partition, when Railway System was introduced in the subcontinent and have completed their useful life, the sources added.

They said that due to dedicated inspections and regular maintenance, bridges are generally in satisfactory condition for safe train operation.

In rehabilitation of flood damages, out of 69 bridges, 16 have been completed and remaining will be completed upto June 2017, the sources added. They said the rehabilitation bridges will ensure safety standards, remove speed restrictions imposed on weak bridges, ensure effective maintenance in reducing the operational cost and meet the increased requirements of freight and passengers.