Robbers Loot Three Shops, Steal Motorbike,car

Robbers loot three shops, steal motorbike,car

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Sep, 2021 ) :In separate incidents of theft and robberies three shops were looted in different parts of the city here on Friday while a motorbike and a car were stolen.

According to the police, 3 armed men riding a motorbike entered a wholesale shop selling confectionery items near Market police station and kept the shopkeeper Sandeep Kumar and 2 customers Aqeel and Waqas hostage.

They looted more than Rs 650,000 from the shop and Rs 70,000 from the customers besides a mobile phone.

The robbery was recorded in the CCTV camera according to which they remained in the shop to loot cash for 4 minutes.

The robbers easily escaped after the incident.

In another incident in the jurisdiction of Bhitai Nagar police station two unknown robbers looted cash from the cashier of a petrol pump near Burhani Nagar area on Jamshoro road.

However, the staff and a worker of tyre puncture shop Muhammad Bilal Soomro tried to resist the robbery.

The robbers shot Soomro in his leg and escaped leaving their motorbike behind.

One more shop was deprived of cash in the limits of same police station in Gulistan-e-Sajjad area.

Two armed men entered the shop of Suresh Kumar and took away Rs 20,000 cash and his mobile phone.

A car was stolen from Mir Fazal Town locality in the area of B-Section police while a Honda 125 motorbike was stolen from Phuleli area.