Rs 1,370.421 Mln Saved Under Austerity Drive

Rs 1,370.421 mln saved under austerity drive

Federal government has so far saved Rs 1,370.421 million under the ongoing austerity drive, launched by the prime minister, in all government departments to cut unnecessary expenses and save public money

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Aug, 2020 ):Federal government has so far saved Rs 1,370.421 million under the ongoing austerity drive, launched by the prime minister, in all government departments to cut unnecessary expenses and save public money.

As per austerity agenda of the incumbent government, an amount of Rs 247.421 million was deposited in federal treasury on account of auction of 133 official vehicles of Cabinet Division and other Ministries and Divisions, being over and above their authorization fixed by the Authorization Committee and other sources.

An amount of Rs 12, 869 million was deposited by Abandoned Property Organization, in Federal Consolidated Fund (FCF) earned through investment, according to a two-year performance report issued by the federal government here on Tuesday.

Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority had incurred expenditure of Rs 198 million against budget of Rs 252 million during 2019-2020, saving Rs 54 millions.

During the period from August, 2018 to August 2020, some 97 meetings of the Cabinet were held, compared to 54 meetings held in Pakistan People Party (PPP) regime (2008-2013) and 21 meetings in Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) period from June 2013 to June, 2015.

Similarly, PTI conducted 266 meetings of six Cabinet Committees as compared to 107 meetings in PPP's period and 128 meeting during PML-N government for the same period.

Of the total 1016 decisions taken during meetings of the Cabinet Committees, 549 were implemented while 467 were under process.

Since August, 2018, Pension Cell had finalized 72 fresh pension cases and 36 family pension and benevolent funds grant cases of retired and deceased employees.

The amendment in Tax Ordinance 2001 was aimed at providing subsidies to housing and construction sector while the construction of 23,000 low cost housing units in collaboration with Capital Development Authority was under way, read the report.

Moreover, out of total allocation of Rs 24,000 million, Rs 19,950 million were transferred to Provinces and Ministries during 2018-19.

The lapsed funds amounting to Rs 4,050 million were re-validated and transferred to Ministries with the recommendations of Steering Committee.

During 2019-20 an amount of Rs 33, 250 million was transferred while during current fiscal year Rs 24 billion from Public Sector Development Programme would be released.

Close coordination with tourism stakeholders, Introduction of E-Visa system in tourism sector, creation of Tourism Development Endowment Fund, National Tourism Strategy -2020-30 and Action Plan 2020-25 were developed.

Clearing of partial liabilities by mobile operators like, Zong, Warid and Telenor, added more than Rs 100 billion to national exchequer as license renewal fee.

The federal government launched SDG's Achievement Program (SAP) in line with the United Nations (UN) Conventions for Community Development to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Similarly, Six foras including National Economic Council, ECNEC, Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet, Cabinet Committee on Privatization, Cabinet Committee on Energy, Cabinet Committee on CPEC and Cabinet Committee on State Owned Enterprises were constituted.

National Cipher Security Policy formulated to ensure efficiency, transparency and good governance.

Three organizations comprising Abandoned Property Organization, Sheikh Sultan Trust and Department of Stationery and Forms were being wound up.

Over two million people were registered through NADRA (National and Database Registration Authority) for low cost housing, besides arranging financing through banks.

Under the government economic and social development policies to ensure proactive support the initiatives like, Ease of doing Business, Clean and Green Pakistan and Complaint Resolution through Pakistan Citizen Portal were being implemented.

Approximately 1.9 million pages of record have also been digitized and uploaded on the server.