Sahibzada Ahmed Ali For Need To Formulate National Policy On Kashmir Issue


Sahibzada Ahmed Ali for need to formulate national policy on Kashmir Issue

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Sep, 2019 ) :Kashmir issue is an international issue and there is a dire need to formulate a National Policy with consultation of all stakeholders of the country including the Parliament House to resolve this core issue, said Sahibzada Ahmed Ali Chairman Muslim Institute, a think tank.

In a interview with APP on Sunday, the Chairman Muslim Institute said that the Kashmir issue is not a political issue, it is a matter of human right violation made by the Indian forces in the Occupied Valley. He said Kashmiris are the most daring nation of the world as they are resisting 900,000 Indian troops and we will never let Kashmir to become target of Hindutava.

He said Pakistan will not accept any international mediation without taking Kashmiris into confidence adding that India has adopted a way of aggression and Pakistan is ready to defend our territory. Modi's act has united us all and all the political parties and institutions are on same page, he expressed.

Sahibzada Ahmed Ali said there is no information coming out from Occupied Kashmir as mobile, internet and even landline services are blocked.

He said there is a risk of health crisis in Occupied Kashmir as its people are facing shortage of medicines and unavailability of doctors and nurses in hospitals.

Sahibzada Ahmed Ali said that the whole nation was united on the issue of Kashmir.

Eulogizing the sacrifices of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination, he said India is an occupying force and wants to change the demographic composition of the Held Territory.

He said Pakistani nation stood by their Kashmiri brethren in the past and will do so in the future as well in their quest for freedom from illegal Indian rule.

Ahmed Ali said India could not oppress the freedom movement of Kashmiris and all brutalities of the cunning Modi government had been filly exposed before the world.

He said India had violated democratic norms in Held Kashmir and Modi's Hitlerism would devastate India. The freedom struggle of Kashmiris would bear fruit and they would succeed very soon in winning their freedom, he added.

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