Shepao Calls For Maintaining Peaceful Political Atmosphere

Shepao calls for maintaining peaceful political atmosphere

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th Jul, 2018 ) :Chairman Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has called for unity and cohesion to work for maintaining peaceful political atmosphere and steer the country out of the crises.

He said this while addressing public gatherings in Peshawar PK-67 and union council Shodag tehsil Tangi distract Charsadda in connection with election campaign.

He said that it was not time for point scoring but all forces should come forward to plan effective measures for resolving the prevailing situation to pave way for timely and transparent holding of elections 2018.

He said that the some political parties in the centre had no consensus over vital issues which perpetuated the problem of misgovernance.

He said that some political parties were quarreling with each other over none issues and they have no concern for the problems of the people.

The QWP chief said that after the Fata-KP merger there was greater need to pay more attention to the neglected areas and put them on the path of development.

He demanded the handsome fund should be earmarked to change the lot of the locals.

He asked all the political to reunify for the progress of the neglected Formerly Fata areas to bring revolutionary changes in their socio-economic condition.

Sherpao regretted that the so-called change champions had not fulfilled the election promises as the situation had gone out of control.

He claimed that Pakhtuns were passing a very critical time of history and if they did not get united they would be pushed in further crisis.

He contended that the Pakhtuns had been in turmoil due to the wrong policies of the rulers.

Lashing out at PTI, he said that the Pakhtuns had been in turmoil due to the wrong policies the incompetent rulers in the province.

Sherpao was of the view that the PTI leadership had got votes from Pakhtun in the name of peace and prosperity and change but after the formation of government they forgot them.

He maintained that these elements destroyed the expectations of the Pakhtuns in order to feather their own nest.

He said that PTI had betrayed the trust of Pakhtuns therefore; these elements had lost credibility that had ruined them politically.

He said that contradiction in the words and deeds of these elements had exposed them in people.

He expressed his firm conviction that Qaumi Watan Party would fight for the rights of Pakhtuns and would raise voice against exploitation of the people of his province on every platform.

He added that QWP would emerge the only representative of Pakhtuns in the general elections of2018.

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