Speakers Hail Literary Work Of Renowned Writer Intezar Hussain

Speakers hail literary work of renowned writer Intezar Hussain

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Feb, 2021 ) :The speakers at a seminar on Monday hailed the literary work of renowned writer, researcher Intezar Hussain, stating that he wanted to revive Muslim civilization.

They were addressing the 'Intezar Hussain National Literary Seminar' organized by Pakistan academy of Letters (PAL) on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Intezar Hussain, a trend-setter, novelist, critic, writer, researcher and intellectual.

The seminar was presided over by Prof. Fateh Mohammad Malik,while Kishwar Naheed was the special guest. Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, gave the introductory speech. Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javed, Mohammad Hameed Shahid, Prof. Dr. Sofia Yousaf, Dr. Salahuddin Darwish, Dr. Farid Hussaini and Dr. Saira Alvi and Farida Hafeez also spoke on the occasion. Mehboob Zafar was the moderator.

Dr Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, while delivering the welcome address said that Intezar Hussain did the fiction with realism like the rest of his contemporaries but choose a different approach to topics. He said that Intezar Hussain made the collapse of civilization and culture during and after the establishment of Pakistan and the resulting events and events a part of his creative experience in a very artistic way which is his specialty. Intezar Hussain's creative experience is radically different from other fiction writers on technical, stylistic and intellectual levels. Undoubtedly, he was a man of style and versatility.

He proved his mettle in novels, fiction, travelogues, biographies, translations and columnists. His story begins with the giant Malay and magical atmosphere and unfolds in our modern human life.

The last man, the yellow dog and the city of sadness are prominent in his fiction, while Basti, Tazkira and Aage Samandar Hai are notable novels.

Prof. Fateh Mahammad Malik said that Intezar Hussain was not a man of our time. They made dreams come true. He was lost in the dreams of his past and this is where his art comes from.

He took advantage of the modern and progressive movement and withdrew from it. He wanted to revive Muslim civilization. He lived in our time and remembered the brightest era of Muslims. Establishment of Pakistan was his first dream.

Kishwar Naheed said that there is a special kind of pleasure in the writings of Intezar Hussain. Understanding his fiction and novels required knowledge and research, she added.

She said that the last word of good news had come in the Basti, it was very meaningful. She mentions his novels Tazkira and Aage Samandar Hai.

Dr Inam-ul-Haq Javed said that Intezar Hussain was a very elegant man. He was, of course, a great fiction writer. He knew the value of every word he wrote.

Mohammad Hameed Shahid said that if Intezar Hussain is portrayed in the tradition of urdu fiction, then Intezar Hussain's position is completely different and his stature seems to be high.The last man, the yellow dog and the city of sorrow, such as Shahkar's fiction, determine the value of his art.

Prof. Dr. Sofia Yousuf said that Intezar Hussain used modern western techniques and khatta beautifully in his fiction.

Dr. Salah-ud-Din Darwaish said that Intezar Hussain spent his art and skill in the roots of civilization. He was a pioneer of civilization and a trustee of civilization. He wanted to live in the beauty of civilization.

Dr. Farid Hussaini said that Intezar Hussain was an artist who created stories full of insight and wisdom. If his art is judged by artistic standards, then he is undoubtedly a successful Urdu fiction writer.

Dr. Saira Alvi said that the world knows him by the name of Intezar Hussain, he was my uncle. The word "uncle" has a strong connection between him and me, and my parents' 65-year friendship, and the custodian of our social and cultural traditions. By that word, he was my kind elder but at the same time, he was a sincere friend who loved me immensely.

Farida Hafeez refreshed her days with Intezar Hussain.