Hundreds Of COVID-19 Patients In Moscow Successfully Treated With Antibody-Based Drug

Hundreds of COVID-19 Patients in Moscow Successfully Treated With Antibody-Based Drug

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 27th December, 2021) About 1,200 COVID-19 patients in the Russian capital, including children, have received an antibody-based drug for the treatment of the infection and it has demonstrated very high effectiveness, Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova told Sputnik.

"At the beginning of fall we expanded the use of monoclonal antibodies to other groups of patients who have severe underlying conditions ...Starting from November, we have started to use monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of children who have serious underlying conditions ... In total, during this period, 1.2 thousand people received this therapy, and it went very well for all of them," Rakova said.

She specified that the monoclonal antibody treatment was first used in Russia this summer among high-risk pregnant women suffering from COVID-19.

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