Over 50 Environmental Activists Arrested In Helsinki - Law Enforcement

Over 50 Environmental Activists Arrested in Helsinki - Law Enforcement

HELSINKI (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th October, 2021) Fifty-one activists of the environmental group Elokapina, part of the international movement Extinction Rebellion, were arrested in central Helsinki during a rally demanding that the government declare a climate emergency, the local police reported on Friday.

"The police have arrested a total of 51 people," the law enforcement agency tweeted.

Earlier in the day, climate activists reportedly blocked the roads leading to a government building.

Friday is the tenth day of climate demonstrations held by the group in the Finnish capital.

The police said the organization behind the protests is suspected of illegally obtaining funds, and ordered their confiscation as collateral. The Finnish law bans the collection of donations for activities violating public order. The court is expected to rule on the matter on October 12.