Belarus Strongman Praises Huge Russia-led Drills


Belarus strongman praises huge Russia-led drills

Moscow, Sept 12 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Sep, 2021 ) :Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday praised Russian and Belarusian troops for their readiness to jointly defend the two countries as he oversaw massive military drills that spooked some EU countries.

On Friday, Russia and Belarus launched military drills involving about 200,000 personnel, one of Moscow's biggest exercises in recent years.

President Vladimir Putin is expected to inspect the drills on Monday, ahead of three-day parliamentary elections this week, a defence official told AFP.

Speaking at test range near the city of Baranovichi in western Belarus, Lukashenko said the two countries were ready to counter what he called "hybrid aggression" from the West.