3-day Kumrat Festival-2018 At Scenic Kumrat Valley To Attract More Tourists This Year: DC Irfan Mehsud

3-day Kumrat Festival-2018 at scenic Kumrat Valley to attract more tourists this year: DC Irfan Mehsud

Brisk arrangements continue for the smooth holding of the colorful Kumrat Summer Sports and Cultural Festival at scenic Kumrat Valley will be commencing from June 22, Deputy Commissioner Irfan Ullah Mehsud told APP here on Thursday.

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2018 ) :Brisk arrangements continue for the smooth holding of the colorful Kumrat Summer Sports and Cultural Festival at scenic Kumrat Valley will be commencing from June 22, Deputy Commissioner Irfan Ullah Mehsud told APP here on Thursday.

He said for ensuring maximum facilities to the local, national and international tourists all out resources would be utilized. He said access to the valley 80 percent of work have already been completed while work on the rest has been continue besides foolproof security measures, provision of day healthcare, accommodations, and other facilities would be ensured to facilitate the maximum number of tourists.

"We have been working hard to open our arms and welcome all the tourists around the year to this beautiful scenic valley not only for the Kumran Festival, which is an annual feature but in other times during summer," Mehsud added.

He said" "We have work comprehensively to address all problems related to the tourists and let them enjoy their trips to this scenic valleys." The District Administration along with local bodies representatives comprising District Nazim Sahibzada Faseehullah, Tehsil Nazim Kalkot Malak Tajbar Khan, DSO Mukhtiar Hussain are all there to extend their support for the success of Kumrat Festival.

He said we want to present Kumrat Valley as more attraction to the local and foreign tourists only to promote tourism besides giving a message of peace and love to the rest of the people around the world.

About the security, he said, peace is even better from that are in Islamabad and Peshawar or any part of the country. He said along with tourism development the festival is carrying healthy sports activities wherein youth would come forward and exhibit their talent in different games part of the Festival.

He said tourist guideline desks have been established on various points with the aim to provide guidance to the tourists and maximum work has been completed on the construction of roads linking the valley.

He said that they have developed a tent-age village for accommodating more than a 1000 people besides separate families' blocks have been available with all facilities.

Guidelines will also be available at the nearest police stations and there will be no hardship for the visitors, Irfan Mehsud added. The rates of accommodations, food have been ensured with cheaper rates and should be in the reach of common people.

"We have joint accommodation for six persons, eight persons and separate for the families as well," he said, adding, "we want to make the Festival a big success and we have to facilitate the visitors." When contacted District Nazim Faseehullah expressed his satisfaction over the so far arrangement have been made for the smooth conduct of Kumrat Festival. "Such festival would bring good to the local people besides highlighting the softer image of the people of Dir Upper.

He said local govt representatives alongside TMA, district administrations are working round the clock only to extend maximum facilities to the tourists either coming for Kumrat Festival or for avoiding hot summer days facing by the people of down country.

He said large number of tourists from various part of Punjab, Sindh, Islamabad have already arrived for avoiding the hot summer days.

We are ready for extending all out support to the visitors during the festival besides taking load of tourists during the current summer season, Faseehullah said. "We want to develop the area as a leading picnic spot of the country and we have more venues to explore," he added. He said the district administration have constituted a committee to look and see the quality of food, rates, medical care facilities, fast aid etc.

He said from the last three years we put tourism in our top priorities because most local people have their bread and butter through tourism. He disclosed that matches of various games, including cricket, volleyball, tag-of-war, kabaddi, horse race and a popular traditional game 'Sakhay' will be organized alongside different cultural events. He said last year the event attracted good number of local and foreign tourists with more took interest in local game.

He said it was a good initiative of the district government to organize such an event, adding tourists would enjoy the festival and the beauty, serene environs of the Kumrat valley, having natural forests crisscrossed by a river and green meadows.

He said although Kumrat can arguably be termed as one of the most scenic valleys of KP and will undoubtedly ranked among the top tourist spots of the country, it has yet more work to be done as far as construction of basic infrastructure. Dubbed as "Kumrat Festival", the low budget gala will be at lush green plains and thick forest of tall Deodar (pine) trees beside themelodious Thal stream lured only to attract people to the heavenly Kumrat Valley.

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