Ali Muhammad Advises PML-N To Focus On Public Issues


Ali Muhammad advises PML-N to focus on public issues

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Sep, 2020 ) :Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan on Thursday advised the leadership of PML-N to come out of maligning the national institutions and focus on public issues to justify its claim of being the mainstream political party.

He expressed disappointment over immature political approach of Nawaz Sharif even after ten years of his self exile at the age of 60.

In a talk show programme of a private news channel, he said that nobody would believe about the meeting of PML-N leader with army without approval of its leader.

He said that the statement of DGISPR was showing that there was something different which was negating the claims of PML-N that led it to APC. He said that issuing of statements against the national institutions abroad was not a good tradition of politics.

About the Opposition's APC, the State Minister said that it was no more other than a gathering of political poetry by some defeated political players.